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Born in Taipei, raised in Hong Kong, and has been residing in California since her late teen years, Cindy has been shaped by multiple and diverse cultural backgrounds that fuel her creative inspirations. Influenced by her father, an animator and a film maker, she has been exposed to a wide spectrum of art and design related fields and started drawing since an early age.


After graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design, she had been working as a full time apparel designer in multiple firms within California as well as Shanghai and Hangzhou, China for several years.  During the years of living and working in China, she had also begun traveling world wide extensively, which led to her realization of her need for autonomy with her creative paths.  Shortly after returning to California, she decided to take a bold risk of leaving her corporate career life behind to pursue her interest in textile design and has been working as an independent artist and designer ever since.


Her next venture is to further advance her passion as an artist and illustrator within the fashion industry, as well as a possibility of expanding into the realm of murals and public art.






Xirena, Los Angeles

One September - DDA Holdings, Los Angeles


Of Two Minds - DDA Holdings, Los Angeles


A Common Thread - DDA Holdings, Los Angeles


Raquel Allegra, Los Angeles


Cheyann Benedict, Los Angeles


Chagoury Couture, Beverly Hills


Kathleen Rosenbloom, Beverly Hills


Kelly Wearstler, Los Angeles


Marna Ro, Los Angeles


Nasty Gal, Los Angeles


Anthony Hopkins - Samson Productions Inc., Los Angeles


Pacific Sunwear, Los Angeles


Maui & Sons, Pacific Palisades


Design Printsiples, Los Angeles


Sinaina Children's Commodity Inc., Shanghai






Apparel Designer/ Merchandiser for BW Sports and BW Studio divisions

Bodywaves Inc., Garden Grove, CA, USA


Chief Apparel Designer for Junior Kids division

Crocodile Garments Co., Hangzhou, China


Embellishment Designer/ Textile Artist

St. John Knit, Irvine, CA, USA


Assistant Designer 

Koret of California, Oakland, CA, USA

David Dart Design Group, City of Industry, CA, USA

Earl Jean, Los Angeles, CA, USA




  • Designing apparel collections for specific markets/ customer groups

  • Determining design directions, fabrications, graphic arts, and color palettes

  • Researching both domestic and foreign trends; understanding markets and product sales tendency

  • Conceptualizing, sketching garment styles and artworks

  • Knowledgeable in fabric materials and garment constructions from draping to first pattern to final sewn garments

  • Colors, samples, and fit approvals

  • Managing and directing a team for all levels of design developments

  • Experienced in both domestic and oversea product/ design developments

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